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The World Athletics Ethics Board is assisted by two legal secretaries who are independent from the IAAF and appointed by the chairperson. Information sent via this contacts page is secure and is only received by the legal secretaries. The current legal secretaries are Mr. Tom Mountford and Ms. Jana Sadler-Forster. Since 3 april, the athletics integrity unit has assumed jurisdiction to deal with any new complaints or matters concerning integrity and ethics within athletics, regardless when the matters complained of or referred to occurred (unless the matter was already before the World Athletics Ethics Board as at 31 December 2016). The Athletics integrity unit operates independently from the IAAF and has complete authority for the management of ethics and integrity in athletics in accordance with the applicable rules. Accordingly, the ethics board will pass any communication received which falls within the athletics integrity unit's jurisdiction to it for response. Any such information will remain confidential from the IAAF. Information about the athletics integrity unit and its contact details can be found at


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